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Walkerboystudio Project 2:

Project Description

Followed the videos to create a 2D space shooter where you have to shoot asteroids to get a high score, be careful, colliding with them will cost you lives. Hide behind the barriers for safety. use your shield wisely and remember to catch the double-shot and health drops.

Flow of development:

after completing the basics by following the videos, I created the extra socket to fire from on the player. I then proceeded to create the double-shot drop item, this posed some challenges as I struggled with some of the script. after some research I seemed to get the results that I wanted " the double-shot activates for a set amount of time, coupled with a cool-down time the next double shot will be shorter if picked up less than ten seconds after the last.

Creating random scales and speeds for the asteroids was simple.

The life pickup was simple after succeeding with the double-shot.

The player feedback was also simple as it was very similar to the flashing orb in the previous project.

Creating multiple levels was simple, getting them to follow on each other however was not so simple.I succeeded in getting level 1 and 2 to follow on each other, but failed with the third level. After struggling for what seemed forever, I decided to make the levels accessible via the main menu as I could not succeed in getting them to follow on each other.

Creating the solid blocks was also very simple after doing all of the above.


I also added a few extras to make the game a bit more pleasing to the player:

  • Sky boxes on all scenes
  • Background sound tracks on all Scenes except loading scenes
  • nice prefabs for the player, asteroids, pickups, projectiles and barrier boxes
  • I added a rotating space-rock to the main menu because I wanted to :-)


Arrows to move

Spacebar to Shoot

E to Enable Shield

Green Pickups for Lives

Red Pickups for Double Shot

Esc to quit

Production Time:

Setup 5 minutes

Assets 2 hours

Player 1 hour

Enemy 1 hour

Menus 2 hours

GUI 30 minutes

Build 3 hours

Extras 2 hours

Fine tuning 2 hours

Review 10 minutes

TOTAL: +- 14 hours

I have completed all of the "on your own assignments".

  • Extra Socket to Fire With
  • Add an extra socket to fire from for the player
  • Make sure it becomes a 'Double Shot'
  • Random Variables
  • Create a Random Speed for the Asteroids
  • Create a Random Scale for the Asteroids
  • Add a Pickup Item
  • Create a pickup item for the 'Double Shot'
  • Extra Credit
  • Pickup Item for Lives
  • Player Feedback (Player Flashes if Hit)
  • Levels – Create several 'New' levels with a different range of difficulty
  • Blocking Cubes – Create a solid block that Asteroids can hit against


It was fun, cant wait to get started on the next project.


2D Space Shooter.exe 19 MB

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